Neuro Sensory Initiative
Awakening of the senses, passionate curiosity, and heart
Children who have attended our programs experience an awakening of the senses, passionate curiosity, and heart

When high-quality input is combined with joyful play, imaginative exploration and critical thinking activities, both hemispheres of the brain are stimulated, resulting in an incredible whole-brain acceleration.

Through our relaxation techniques and positive thinking, the more transformed they become and more changes happen on their lives personally and professionally.
Our ESP Mind Development programs promote…
  • ease in lifelong learning
  • heightened creativity
  • active curiosity
  • out-of-the box thinking
  • out-of this-world thinking
  • self-confidence and joy

Parents do ask us: “What benefits will I see in my child?”

  • 1. Faster Thinking
  • 2. Better Memory
  • 3. Sharper Listening
  • 4. Sharper Vision
  • 5. Quicker Reactions
Even the quickest of us could benefit from being quicker.

You can think faster and more efficiently in every situation.

Memory comes in many forms, and touches our lives in many ways.

Having a strong memory is essential for feeling sharp and confident in everything we do.

Being your best in day-to-day interactions requires sharp listening skills.

When our brains accurately interpret what others say, we have easier and more fulfilling interactions—with our parent, at work, everywhere. We can also remember what they said better.

Eagle-eyed vision doesn’t just depend on your eyes.

The brain is an equal partner. The eyes take in visual information, but the brain processes that information.

How quickly you can react to something depends on how quickly your brain registers it. The sooner your brain processes a tennis ball flying towards you, the sooner you can move to return it.

The faster it sees a cat darting into the street, the faster you can step on the brakes.

The quicker it spots a toy on the stairs the more time it has to prevent you from tripping.

In short, a quicker brain means a quicker body.

Children raised in mind development program become sensitive, wise, passionate, curious, loving and kind human beings.
A proven mind development program and it has helped many children across Asia and United Kingdom. OpenMindAgile is a revolutionary workshop because it is different from other conventional brain development courses.

Based on our research, children shall achieve optimum result in 2 days and hence, a prolonged course (e.g. 3 months course) is not needed.

A set of skills that require practice, just like any language skills. One may lose the skills if practice is neglected. Therefore, parents do play a role to encourage the child and to practice together (only 10 minutes a day).

Ultimately this will also promote bonding between the child and parents (parents will be taught the ways of practice by our qualified trainers during Parents Session)

Yes. In our experience, some children may not acquire the skills during their first workshop and they are encouraged to attend again.

After all every child is unique. We even have children who attended OpenMindAgile workshop for five times and achieved the skills they desired.

OpenMindAgile is designed to unleash the hidden potential of your child. Since every child is unique, some will experience immediate improvement while some will only show positive sign after a month of practice.

Nevertheless, a child will experience general improvement such as higher concentration, more articulate thinking style, greater confidence, better command of language (in expressing themselves) and more positive personality or attitude.

“OpenMindAgile is not a class that teaches lesson or subject.

It is an intensive workshop to stimulate a child’s brain, to ‘open up’ their mind and to realize their own potential and talent.

While most children will benefit academically, some may excel in other field such as art, sport and even areas of creativity such as acting and singing because that is where their talents are hidden.

Parents can be rest assured that your child will not experience any side effect.

OpenMindAgile is designed to promote positive thinking by using modern computer technology.

OpenMindAgile workshop is guaranteed to have no elements of spiritual learning, meditation or any sort of supernatural teaching.

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